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Please, when you're not near your speakers for long periods, or if your volume is muted, we ask that you stop your player. We pay for each listener, so it helps. Thank you!!!
97five relies on donations to help offset our costs. To learn how to donate, please see here.

  • MP3 players and Quicktime
  • NEW!!!: AAC 64kb/s
  • Stream-playlist (M3U)
  • Smartphone, smart-TV or tablets: Search "97five" on your streaming-radio app (XiiaLive, etc) Note: station-name search, including Shoutcast and Tunein is planned but may not be available until mid June; iHeart support is not yet certain.
  • Please visit our Facebook page to find more useful tips for listening, and read listener comments.
    You can also email questions or comments to radio97five@gmail.com.
    Please note: we have limited capacity to reply to technical issues, but you are welcome to send reports if you include details about BOTH the player software and any error message.